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About Us

Thea Kindinger

From a young age I have been fascinated with all things Technology. I am constantly developing my skills to become more equipped to help clients solve their Information Technology needs. This could be from basic webinars to courses to further hone our skills as IT professionals.

This ongoing want to better myself is something that is drilled into you with seven years in the Air Force. While it was an excellent experience I decided that further services was not for me as my entrepreneur spirit would not allow it.

I love to help local businesses succeed and started this company to do just that. My passion with technology and want to solve problems is why our slogan is We Make Technology Work for You!

Deanna Helmlinger

I have seventeen years of information technology services experience as a programmer, manager, business consultant, and process/programme manager. I worked as a Director of the Pentwater Chamber of Commerce and the Silver Lake Sand Dunes Area Chamber of Commerce for six years.

Business consulting will be added as a service in the near future, with services such as: Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, Issue & Risk Management, Continuous Process Improvement, Team and Leader Development and Program Management. Please contact me if interested in assistance with these areas.