About Us

We started a partnership company in 2019 to assist local businesses to use technology to reach their business goals. With technology changing all the time, we make it our goal to keep thinking about your business goals and how Information Technology and its processes help you to thrive.

Thea Kindinger Owner/Solutions Architect

From a young age I learned that I had a nack for Information Technology. I also learned I really like puzzles. Along the way I learned that I.T. support and development are really just very large and complex puzzles. I love the fixing these puzzles.

I have seven years experience in operations intelligence for the United States Air Force. I also studied at DeVry University for Computer Engineering.

Deanna Helmlinger Owner/Customer Service

I have seventeen years of information technology services experience as a programmer, manager, business consultant, and process/program manager. I worked as a Director of the Pentwater Chamber of Commerce and the Silver Lake Sand Dunes Area Chamber of Commerce for six years.